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Jendea's Sims 1 Creations

Build Objects Collage

Build Objects and Sets

These zips contain most of the garden plants and trees as wells as windows, doors, columns and unique building sets such as the iron gate, gables, villa arches and hills. The "Sets" zip also contains some buy objects.
Build Objects Zip (42,715 KB)
Object Sets (42,786 KB)
Roofs (426 KB)

Wall and Floor Collage

Walls and Floors

Single walls and floors are in the first two zips. Sets of co-ordinated walls and floors in the last zip. I tried to make sure there was no duplication.
Walls Zip (25,321 KB)
Floors Zip (9163 KB)
Wall and Floor sets Zip (9246 KB)

Buy Objects Collage

Buy Items

Furniture and decors items zips include a bunch of rugs and flowers plus the animated waterfall.
Furniture Zip (24,501 KB)
Decor Items Zip (36,979 KB)

Lots and Neighborhoods Collage

Lots and Whole Neighborhoods

Contains all the residential houses, community lots and neighborhoods. The clean neighborhoods are bulldozed. The white neighborhood includes all lots 1-10 plus the unleashed Lots with white walls and floors, ready to decorate.
Houses Zip (51,195 KB)
Community Lots Zip (3811 KB)
Bulldozed Clean Lots Zip (2762 KB)
White Neighborhood Zip (4413 KB)