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Jendea's Sims 2 Creations


All types of lots including residential, vacation and business.
Estates and Large Homes Zip (31,099 KB)
Starters Part 1 (39,379 KB)
Starters Part 2 (35,810 KB)
Rental and Home Business Lots (22,302 KB)
Community and Business Lots Zip (53,990 KB)


Singles and sets.
Single Objects Zip (41,755 KB)
Object Sets Zip (11,372 KB)

Walls and Floors

Pretty straightforward - all the walls and floors including sets.
Walls and Floors Zip (30,427 KB)


The weird stuff that didn't fit into another category: includes Regions, Terrains, a Pet style, and a few lightly modded objects.
Miscellaneous Zip (11,619 KB)

CAS Stuff

Not my forte, but I did make a few skins, lipsticks, eyes etc.
CAS Zip (48,126 KB)