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Terms of Use

Just a few simple terms for using the files you find here.

In a Nutshell

You can use and share files freely and post them pretty much anywhere provided you don't take credit for creating them or try to sell our stuff either in whole or by ripping out textures or meshes, some of which are original. Also, give credit when you do use something of ours. Oh yeah, and be aware that you are responsible for what happens to your game and computer by downloading stuff from here (and pretty much anywhere on the net, I guess).

The longer version

Download Responsibly

By installing the downloads from this site, you agree to be 100% responsible for any damages to your game or computer. Every effort has been made to ensure these zips are good and free of anything but wholesome sim files. I personally scan every zip file before uploading with the most current version of MalWareBytes at the time. Furthermore, most of these files have been tested for years in many games. However, files can be corrupted in the process of downloading and we can not possibly ensure the compatability with every mod in your game or on your computer. So, use at your own risk.

For Sim creators: Recolor, reuse and repacking terms.

You may use these files in your pics and your sim houses of course. You may recolor objects or redesign and redecorate houses. You may make your redesign, recolors etc available for download either on free or partially free sites (such as TSR) with credit to the original creator You may pack objects, walls, floor, roofs etc. in zips with houses that contain them to cut down on "shopping list" lengths with credit to this site somewhere in your description or on the shopping list or readme (if you have one) in the zip file with the house.
You may not sell these files singly or include them for sale in any compilation either in whole or in part. You may not claim them in whole or in any part as your own work. Some of these files contain original artwork and original 3D objects made by myself or staff of this site.

Free to share and play.

You are free to picture, use, play with and otherwise mess with any download you find here on your own computer for your own household's use. You may also send, share and otherwise freely distribute the files here provided you give credit to this site and/or the original creator. Please only use the original zips and please do not bundle these files with anything you have found off this site. I can not ensure the compatability of files with other creators work.

These are old, old, old!

Some of the games that have DLC here are really old and some may not work on your machine without DOSbox or other client to ensure compatability. I do not know how to make downloads work with every client, so unfortunately I can't answer questions about this subject.

If you have any questions about rebundling or use of the files, please email me at jendea at this site.